Akua Luxury Suites

  • Auto Check in

  • Room Service

  • Private Parking

  • Jacuzzi

  • Pack Enjoy


In addition to being one of the best motels in Texcoco, this eroticism center makes the industrial, minimalist and sophisticated style the guiding principle of its decoration, with the aim of providing you with the perfect atmosphere so that you can indulge in love surrounded by luxury and comfort. What do you deserve.

Let yourself be seduced by everything that the Love Hotel Akua Luxury Suites has for you, and choose one of its three different types of room.

Of course, we cannot leave behind its incredible Jacuzzis that, thanks to its large size and rectangular shape, make Akua one of the hotels with a pool in the room that you should definitely visit. Break with the routine and indulge yourself with a romantic night in the Simple Suite or the Jacuzzi Suite of this motel in Ecatepec that, despite only having villas, offers its guests a long stay based on the room and the day of the visit.

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