Love Hotel Paris

  • Auto Check in

  • Room Service

  • Private Parking

  • Jacuzzi

  • Pack Enjoy


Located in the very center of Paris, Love Hotel in Paris offers you romantic rooms  at a more than affordable price … Booking your stay in advance is not compulsory, and you can opt for the private Jacuzzi to impress your partner . So, are you tired of the routine or no ideas for a romantic weekend without breaking the bank? The prices of the rooms at the Love hotel in Paris are within the reach of all budgets.

Want to get out of your sad daily grind, to share a great moment of love with the chosen one of your heart? Desire for romanticism for a few hours in a neat setting dedicated to love, romantic or wild? Come to our romantic hotel, an establishment dedicated to lovers. The romantic hotel in Paris is therefore naturally a refuge for couples fleeing family promiscuity, and for those who want to get away from their daily life and their routines.

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