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Are you looking for an escape or a room for a romantic night? Are you planning a romantic weekend?
Look no further for the Grail, Nuit et Spa has found it!
Come and discover or rediscover the romanticism of the Lyonnaise city thanks to your room with private jacuzzi.
In the heart of the charming district of Croix-Rousse, this romantic room with private jacuzzi has many advantages.
For your comfort, the room has a private double jacuzzi, accessible without limitation. You will also find a private infrared sauna. Ideal for feeling the benefits of a Sauna without rising too high in temperature.

Surprise your partner

Check our surpise packs;

One night with cava or wine, and a love box at the room.

You can order more items on our shop and we will send it to the hotel for you.

Pay with Credit Card, and keep the concept private.

If you book the hotel with us or if you by the pack to check dates later direct with the hotel, the concept on your credit card will be for services.

We will keep all the details private.

Love, eat and repeat!

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