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Hello, welcome to Punt14, your Love Motel by the hour in Gavà (Barcelona). Tucked away among pine trees and tickled by the sea breeze, this is the perfect meeting place for couples. Your own secret refuge: the ideal place to enjoy being with anyone you please. How? With high-quality facilities, an exciting atmosphere and absolute discretion. When? Anytime you wish.

Punt14 is a large motel inside a three-storey, stand-alone building with a landscaped area. In our facilities you will find a pleasant ambience, first-class service, immaculate cleanliness and well-tended details.

Our room service is always at your disposal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Punt14 staff will bring whatever you desire right to your door, respecting your privacy with utmost care.

Nobody will ever see the two of you at Punt14 because we follow a strict protocol that prevents you from ever crossing paths with our other guests: from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave. Our staff are always one step ahead, so you can move about freely and comfortably.

Surprise your partner

Check our surpise packs;

One night with cava or wine, and a love box at the room.

You can order more items on our shop and we will send it to the hotel for you.

Pay with Credit Card, and keep the concept private.

If you book the hotel with us or if you by the pack to check dates later direct with the hotel, the concept on your credit card will be for services.

We will keep all the details private.

Love, eat and repeat!

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