Love Hotel Castellón de la Plana

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  • Auto Check in

  • Room Service

  • Jacuzzi

    Private at the room

  • Parking

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This new hotel concept is exclusively designed to maintain your privacy and offer you an unforgettable stay in the company of your partner, or individually.

On the outskirts of the city and with excellent connections to the main roads, this 4-star motel offers the privacy you need to relax and disconnect from day to day.

The rooms are equipped with creative LED lighting, Hi-Fi equipment, 2x2m viscoelastic mattress, hydromassage bathtub / double shower and 32 ” plasma TV.
The Shhh Motel in Castellón has a 24-hour restaurant, bar-cellar and shop service, which you can request from the telephone in your room.

Surprise your partner

Check our surpise packs;

One night with cava or wine, and a love box at the room.

You can order more items on our shop and we will send it to the hotel for you.

Pay with Credit Card, and keep the concept private.

If you book the hotel with us or if you by the pack to check dates later direct with the hotel, the concept on your credit card will be for services.

We will keep all the details private.

Love, eat and repeat!

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